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The Charter Schools Educational Trust

Transforming lives through the power of inclusive education

Trust Vision

Strategic aims

Schools that excel : People that inspire : Partnerships that make a difference 

Schools that excel
All our pupils achieve higher outcomes than national comparators and have the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed in the next stage of their educational journey.
The Greatest support for those pupils who need it most.
We are committed to continuous improvement.
We have evidence informed teaching within a powerful knowledge-rich curriculum.
We deliberately and proactively teach positive behaviours.
We provide broad and rich opportunities for pupils to develop creativity through learning about and participation in the arts.
We promote leadership and community service for all pupils.
Our families are valued as partners.
People that inspire
Providing a clear talent-management strategy for all roles and a Trust-wide career development programme.
We aim to be an employer of choice in South London and a sector leader for staff wellbeing.
We will develop leaders who reflect the diversity of our community.
The Trust includes a successful Teaching School Hub, a Behaviour Hub and an EEF Research School.
Partnerships that make a difference
Mobilising evidence-informed knowledge of 'what works'.
Working together to improve outcomes for all our pupils.
Sharing strong practice and resources.
Promoting innovation in our schools.
Amplifying our learning to improve the sector.