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The Charter Schools Educational Trust

Transforming lives through the power of inclusive education

Our Trust Values

We seek excellence in all that we do, and we have the greatest expectations of everyone to achieve highly. Our culture helps us achieve this excellence, for our children and young people, for our staff, for the communities we serve and for the wider educational system.

We seek to grow, ensuring our pupils and staff benefit from our best collective and collaborative practice and at the same time, retain the agility to innovate, ensuring our schools can respond nimbly to their communities needs. We want our schools to have the freedom to explore and learn from different practices, and we know that true leadership and personal accountability are founded on ownership and self-direction.

In order to achieve this, we are closely aligned around our mission and vision and our shared culture is founded on strong values:

Impact : Communication : Innovation & Curiosity : Belonging : Community : Integrity


» We believe in getting things done and helping each other be better

» We are focused on achieving extraordinary results from extraordinary work

» We are committed to strong and consistent performance that can be relied on by colleagues and stakeholders

» We are self-motivated, self-disciplined and optimistic about the future

» We set stretching targets in the knowledge we can reach them

» We focus on the identifying and addressing causes as opposed to managing symptoms.


» We listen carefully in order to make good decisions

» We take time to communicate well on paper and in person

» We welcome challenge and we seek brave conversations

» We remain calm and self-contained, even in stressful situations

» We can articulate where we are and what needs doing.

Innovation & Curiosity 

» We are interested in knowing more about the communities we serve, the curriculum we teach and how to help pupils learn best

» We learn quickly and with enthusiasm

» We contribute to the learning of others both within the trust and beyond

» We aim to improve our work constantly with new ideas to improve, simplify and speed up our work

» We explore new ideas thoughtfully

» When tried and tested methods fall short, we are not afraid to take calculated risks to pioneer new approaches.


» We are committed to helping all children, particularly the most disadvantaged and vulnerable

» We work successfully with people of many diverse backgrounds and cultures

» We accept that we have biases and work hard to free ourselves of these

» We know that diversity of experience and perspective makes our organisation richer and our decisions better.


» We question actions and challenge behaviours that are inconsistent with our values

» We speak in the best interests of our pupils, even when that requires courage

» We act and speak in ways that bring people together and break down divisions.


» We are honest, transparent and non- political

» We treat all people with dignity and respect, regardless of their role, their background or their views

» We accept and own our mistakes.